About Kruso

Nordic Digital Solutions and Consultancy

Kruso is a digital solutions provider, specialising in complex web platforms and digital consultancy services. A close-knit team of thirty-five, we have offices in Copenhagen and Malmo, and bring over 18 years’ experience to everything we do.

Remember back when the iMac was introduced? We were helping companies successfully transform for the digital revolution even back then. We’ve learnt a great deal since. Particularly when it comes to understanding complex digital solutions, and the business models they are built to support.

A lot has changed since we started our journey, including our name. But we still retain the same can-do Nordic attitude and curiosity. Firm believers in the power of integrating front-end systems into business-critical solutions to create value, every day we ask ourselves: “Can we find an even better way to do this?”

What can Kruso do for my organisation?

Start with Sitecore. We were made partners back in 2002. Today, 150 successful implementations later, we are a Sitecore Gold Partner with more than 20 certified Sitecore developers.

We are also an Umbraco Gold Partner with a small but experienced team of developers.  We have built dozens of Umbraco solutions around what is recognised as one of the best, if not the best, open-source CMS systems.

In 2017, as we opened our first office abroad, we added solid Episerver experience to our team. With that came a nordic Episerver partnership and the decision to add another strong .Net-based CMS to our growing palette of tools.

But that’s not all. We are uCommerce Certified Partner too, so we know the complexities of E-Commerce inside out. And integrating web solutions into back-end systems is second nature to us.

Wondering why we chose Kruso?

We explore. We’re insatiably curious. When the going gets tough, we roll our sleeves up and make it happen.  So when the name ‘Kruso’ popped up, we thought ‘this is the one’. Boxes started to tick.  Robinson was a persistent explorer. He was bold, brave, experienced, wise, humble – and successful. All values that we believe define us. Values that give us an edge.

But what if you haven’t heard of Robinson Crusoe? No problem. We also just really like the way Kruso sounds! Not least because it’s simple and refreshingly unpretentious. Like we always aim to be.

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